RMC-260 Control Panel for ATEM



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Installation Notes

The RMC-260 is normally delivered with a 12 volt 0.5 amp power adaptor and a 9 pin control cable.
The 9 pin control cable connects to the RMC2ATEM at the network connection end (RMC panel 1).

The RMC2ATEM Version 2 is delivered with a USB cable for firmware updates and a 9 volt power cable.

The 9 volt power cable connects the RMC-260 to the RMC2ATEM (9v OUT) to facilitate a single power connection for both units. The optional Tally/GPI box and 7” control panel also uses this 9 volt power that is provided on their respective connectors.

The 12 volt power adaptor that is included in the RMC-260 package does not have the capacity to run the RMC-260 and the RMC2ATEM let alone the optional Tally/GPI box and 7” control panel. In fact it barely gets by just powering the RMC-260. So it is recommended to purchase a power adaptor rated at 9 volt 2 amp and connect to the power in (9v IN) on the RMC2ATEM controller.

These are the connector panels for the RMC2ATEM



Link to teaser

This is a very quick look at a promise of things to come. More or less a ‘proof of concept’


RMC2ATEM setting IP

Here I demonstrate how to set the local and ATEM location IP addresses for the RMC2ATEM controller. This uses the knob and button on the controller to select the desired menu's as shown on the LCD display.


RMC2ATEM input allocation


The RMC-260 has only 8 buttons allocated as normal inputs.
They are labelled as - BLK, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and BKG. (I will try and also get the 'STILL' button allocated as another input).

The ATEM can have up to 41 sources available, so there is a need to allocate any of these ATEM sources to any of the 8 buttons on the RMC.

This video shows how this can be achieved and also shows that they can be adjusted during normal 'on air' operations.

It also shows how the controllers display can be used to show the current program and preview busses sources by name (including their allocated buttons).

When selecting ATEM sources for each button it will only make available sources that can be selected on the ATEM's program/preview rows bypassing other sources that are available on the AUX busses etc.

RMC2ATEM IO setup tally


The RMC2ATEM controller has a 25 pin connector for connecting tally lights and accepting GPI triggers to perform pre-configured commands to the ATEM.

This video shows how to set up the functions of each of the available 23 pins. These functions are

- Program tally 1 to 16

- Preview tally 1 to 16

- data I/O for advanced features

- GPI functions 1 to 7

- unallocated

It also shows some of the features of the optional I/O interface box.

The default I/O pins are set as

- pins 1 to 8 as program tally 1 to 8

- pins 9 to 16 as preview tally 1 to 8

- pins 17 to 23 as GPI inputs

The 'data' selection will allow for many options that will become available such as expanded tally, which is the ability to allow 16 program and 16 preview tallies via an optional expansion box.

RMC2ATEM USB control


How to use the USB port on the RMC2ATEM for doing diagnostics and some setups.


RMC2ATEM Still Store operation


Directly accessing the ATEM Media Players Still Store with the RMC-260.

When using the STILL buttons on the RMC-260 it can change the functions of the input buttons 1 to 8 on the program and preview rows.

Using the configuration manager you can allocate any of the still store files (64 for 2me 4K, 32 for 2me, 20 for TVS) to any of the 8 input buttons on the RMC-260.

The configuration manager setup is in a separate video.


ps. What I forgot to show in this video was that if you change the still number for either Media Player ON THE ATEM Software control panel or ANY OTHER control panel, those changes are also reflected on the RMC2ATEM - meaning that any name display or button light will follow the ATEM, NOT the RMC-260.


RMC2ATEM Still Store setup


Here I show how to allocate ANY of the ATEM still store images to any of the 8 PROGRAM/PREVIEW buttons of the RMC-260 control panel.

It also demonstrates how to instantaneously select ANY of the available stills for on air.

THE RMC2ATEM (version 2) is available NOW to purchase.

This is the initial release that has the basic operational features.

The missing features will be added over the next few months free of charge so get in early and maybe you can suggest some features of your own!


There will be 2 versions –

Version 1 will be the same but with no 16x2 screen or rotary knob and the setup will be via connection to the USB.
It will not have the optional 7” touchscreen connector or power to the RMC-260 panel.

Version 2 will have the 16x2 screen and rotary knob, the optional 7” touchscreen connector, a 2nd RMC-260 connector (for 2me ATEM) and power out to the RMC-260 panel.