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What a year 2010 was! Seems the 'Global Recession' is slowly going away leaving many dead in its path.

We here at Leffler Post were too busy to look out the window and smell the flowers. Maybe its a good thing we didn't.

Our year started off with a major audio reconstruction job on US TV series "Fear Factor", complete audio and video post production for an international HD documentary "Ocean Rescue" and finishing off the HD TV series "Shamwari: A Wild Life". In between there were the mastering of many television commercials, music video's and other genre of 'anything television' in both standard definition and high definition.

The year continued with many various titles such as "Red Bull Air Race", ""Personal Justice", "Coleen's Real Women", "The Secret Life of Us" etc. We also had a major post production involvement on the Dick Smith documentary "The Population Project" where we were required to do all the ingest and file conversions from various formats such as HDCAM and XDCAM HD discs. Other documentaries we worked on were "Qatar 2010" all shot using Panasonic HD Varicam, "The Real Australia Day" and spanish remastering of "Tacugama - Forest of Hope".

As the year progressed we made a series of television commercials for vitamin chain "Healthy Life", a series of DVD's for "The Five Kilo Club" doing multicam shoot and post, and tv series "Be Good Johnny Weir","Total Wipeout Australia" etc. We also worked on a documentary called "The will to Climb", where we did the on-line edit, colourgrade and audio post.

As the year came to an end we completed producing two DVD workout video's for "Yogalates" which required Baz to direct the five camera studio shoot and then do all the audio/video post production. Pete created all the titles in house using his After Effects expertise. We were also involved in the BBC production "Me and MyMonsters" and the mastering of documentary "Keys Walls and Open Doors". Again, in between all that there were the mastering of many television and cinema commercials, music video's etc.

As you can see we had a large variety of projects to work on using our vast array of facilities and know how.
With FIVE high definition edit suites and an audio post production suite we are continuing what was started 12 years ago, but now geared for the new international format delivery requirements.

We survive by being resourceful and innovative, sometimes lending ourselves to radical new approaches for 'getting the job done'.

Apart from being able to 'create' from shooting, to editing, to distribution, in both broadcast high definition and 5.1 surround sound, we can also provide extended services like mastering, digital transfers for most formats, to fixups and re-versioning of international film and television product; all within our own operation.

We have evolved and adapted to suit the times.

Nowdays it is more common for producers to have their own editing systems in the corner of their office and use our services to offload video and audio onto their drives. Then we get the final edit back to master out to a program tape as a finished product involving colourgrade, audio post and quality control to ensure full broadcast acceptance.

Leffler Post have an approach on post production that allows us to better manage our 'fixed price quoting' as our costs are more controlled eliminating the "surprise" invoices that can regularly appear from other production service providers. Just call or email us and we will try and fit into your budget.

- Baz Leffler